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Financial Management & Systems Advisory

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Matters Finance sits at the heart of every business. For all businesses Cash is King. Without cashflow there can be no business. The imperative to have a very strong financial management capability cannot be gainsaid. However, this is easier said than done.

An effective system of Financial management, Recording Keeping and Reporting will shield your business from almost 80% of all other business risks. For example, tax compliance is 100% dependent on proper record keeping systems. We have very many examples of businesses who have paid a lot of tax penalties and interest for simply not having effective financial records or “evidence”

The BRS team supports you by first evaluating your existing financial management philosophy and practice. We shall then evaluate your financial systems and records and benchmark them against the best practice for organizations of your size and complexity.

We shall then help you to upgrade your systems where necessary. This can take several routes including: Compiling the necessary Financial Planning methodologies, Policies and Procedures Manuals, Acquisition of Financial Processing and Reporting Systems, Automation of repetitive processes and even financial systems outsourcing.